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Like many other sites, uses cookies. In this section we will try to explain our cookies policy as precisely as we can.

A cookie is a small textual file which your web browser takes over from the website you are using and then your computer, cell phone or tablet keeps it. Only the administrator of the computer can access this textual file which holds all the information.
Cookies are of great importance to the internet and navigation.

Cookies hold various kinds of information. For example, a cookie can download the time the user started his/her session (if your web browser saves information about your wishes and settings on a certain site, they can automatically be initiated during your next visit without the need to set them again – for example, preferred language); or access information about your search habits (to improve your experience), or to provide you with the most relevant advertisements, according to that information.
You can always decline and remove the cookies. You can do this by configuring your browser to not accept cookies or to send you a warning every time you visit a website which uses cookies. However, if you do this, there will probably be parts of the site or applications which you will not be able to use.

The types of cookies uses:
Cookies which enhance performance: This type of cookie keeps settings for certain services or tools (like language preference or choice of currency). That way, you don’t have to perform a reconfiguration every time you visit our website. In some cases, this can be provided from a third party.
Statistical analysis cookies: These cookies enable the quantification of the number of visitors and also analyze the statistical use from the side of the client who uses our services. They can be treated by us or from a third party. Due to these cookies, we can improve our web site navigation and enhance the way we present our information.
Geolocation cookies: These cookies are used for geographical locating of the computer, mobile device or tablet with the purpose of offering you the best services according to your location.
Registration cookies: If you register to our site, the cookies which identify you as a registered user generate. They can be used for identifying your user account and other related services. These cookies function until you cancel your account, close the browser or turn off the device. Also, these cookies can be used in combination with analytical information so as to identify your preferences on our site.
Advertisement cookies: These cookies enable effective management of our advertisements. That way we can adjust our advertising content to our site. They can be treated by us or a third party. Due to these cookies, we can learn your search habits and therefore post appropriate ads.
Other, third party cookies: On some of our websites, cookies can be installed by a third party. This enables them to manage and improve services which are offered. An example of this is the connection of social networks and the possibility for them to share content.

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