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Cooperation with is very simple for the owners of the objects. You do not have to exclusively deal with our company. You will have a calendar by which you will be able to manage reservations of your object.
It is of vital importance that you keep your calendar updated because the reservations are direct and all should be accepted. Once you start advertising your object on, you must keep your calendar and prices up-to-date and as well block all dates which are unavailable. If you are interested in posting your object on, please go to the site “Add my object“and create a new account so you can register your object. If you have any hesitations about the conditions of the cooperation, you can write to us at
Here at, we work by direct reservation, without sending requests and waiting for responses. With many years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that it is best for the client (not to write requests) and for the owner (who avoids the hassle of exchanging emails and knows that as soon as he/she gets the reservation, everything is already confirmed). This way, we avoid wasting time and frustration from both parties.
This system is useful for everyone. However, we have noticed that the most important complaint we have received from our clients is that owners later cancel the reservations. Cancelling the reservations creates consequences and affects the object’s reputation. You should look at our rules on overbooking in case you don’t accept the terms or cancel the reservation:

Rules on overbooking

As it is known, has a direct reservation system. We work in this way because our experience has showed that it is very useful for the client (who doesn’t have to wait for a reply to make a reservation). As well as for the owner of the object (who doesn’t have to spend time exchanging emails and knows that as soon as he receives the reservation everything is confirmed).
The system is very useful for everyone, if it is used correctly. We have noticed that the most frequent complaint from our clients is that the owners of the object later cancel the reservation. There are many expenses when a cancellation occurs – our time spent in solving the problem and many negative effects on our reputation.
Due to this, owners of the objects should work together with and focus on providing excellent services to the clients. Our experience tells us that in most cases the owner does not accept a reservation because his/her calendar is not up-to-date and is unable to show that the object is already reserved. Another reason is that prices and times are not updated.
Please keep in mind:
Failure to update the prices for different seasons or days of the year (Christmas, New Year, Easter, the summer season, winter season, etc.) or events that take place in your area (fairs, conferences, festivals, etc) do not excuse you from the responsibility to accept the reservation.
Failure to update your calendar, again, does not excuse you from declining a reservation. On we don’t ask for exclusiveness and you may (if you wish) also work with other sites. All that we ask for is you keep your calendar updated so as to avoid overbooking.
What happens if you don’t accept a reservation?
As the owner of the object, on our website, you may not cancel a reservation. In case you decide not to accept a reservation on, you must inform us immediately via email on, or by phone. The following implications will be applied if a reservation is not accepted:
When the owner of the object informs us that he/she is not accepting the reservation, will temporarily remove the object and search for an alternative accommodation for the client.
If the owner of the object gets in touch with the client, and not, he/she will be in violation of the terms.
In any case, declining a reservation will result in the degradation of the object’s rank on search results, while orderly updating of the calendar for every object will result in a reward and improvement of rank and position in the search results.

In case of declining a reservation or cancelling reservations for a second time, reserves the right to remove the object from the site.
If the reason for declining the reservation is out of the owner’s control, and there is proof of it (construction, fire, etc.), will carefully consider the situation. reserves the right to terminate its ties with the object’s owner at any moment, requesting that all current reservations are fulfilled.

The goal of these rules is to avoid overbooking caused by failure of the owner to update his/her calendar. We are a free advertising website and we do not demand exclusiveness. The only thing that we ask in return is that the owners of the objects keep their calendars updated.

We would like to tell you that you may place as many limitations and rules as you like in the conditions of the reservation. If the client does not obey these conditions, you have the right to cancel the reservation and we will support you. It is that simple.

If you have any questions or concerns about accepting reservations, please contact us at

You may change the information, conditions or status of your object directly from your account on If you need our help, you can contact us at

In case of any other taxes or expenses (for example tourist tax or similar), they have to be mentioned in the conditions of the reservation of every object. Otherwise, they may not be charged to the client.

Access Information

Property owners Booking process

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